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WNY Waterfalls 1,200km/1,000km Brevet
With 400k and 600k options

Sep 11-14, 2024

Niagara Falls Control

A "busy" road on loop 2

Taughannock Falls Control.     Look for the people near the base of the falls. (Click on photos to enlarge)

Photos and videos from the July 2021 running of this event can be found at:

Joe Todd's photos
Videos on the RandoPete YouTube channel.
Website: DistianceRider
For Reference:

The route is arranged as a cloverleaf with Webster/Ontario, NY at the center, and is a brief tour of Western NY state and its Finger Lakes region.
The route is designed to pass the suggested motels in Webster, NY at the start and at approximately 240 miles, 441 miles and 600 miles (0, 385km, 710km and 965km). These are all in the town of Webster, NY, which will be an open control to allow personal support at any of the motels.

You can expect minor route changes between now and the start to compensate for road construction, etc.

The route

Loop 1: 385km - Webster to Niagara Falls and back. A very mild 400k, with Niagara Falls at the center. Although the terrain is pretty mild you should allow extra time for Niagara Falls. The final several miles are on residential roads and good quality paved bike trail along the Niagara River, which will be a bit slower than a country road. Also, the immediate area around the Niagara Falls control will likely have many tourists and other congestion. Lastly, who could just rush past Niagara Falls without at least a few minutes stop?

Loop 2: 325km - An exploration of the Finger Lakes region of New York. Exploring several more waterfalls, Taughanock Falls, Hector Falls, Watkins Glen, Shequaga Falls and the Finger Lakes between them. This route also passes through Amish country, and you may be passed by a horse and buggy. This is a more challenging route and has several long climbs.

Loop 3: 290km - This loop goes east as close as possible to the lake Ontario shore to Oswego, NY, then turns inland to return to motel row. Continuing the waterfall theme, it passes Wolcott Falls. Although this section has a fair amount of climb, it is mostly mild rollers with no steep "knee busters".

Loop 4: 200km - A very mild 200km ride mostly on quiet side roads. This route picks up Phelps Falls and visits the Women's Rights national historical park in Seneca Falls, NY. This is a very mild route that I often ride during the winter when I can barely get a leg over the top tube.

Although we think of these as "loops" they are all part of one 1,200k route, and must be ridden in order, with one overall time limit. You do not need to finish a loop before you take your overnight break. The route is designed so you can stay in the same bed in the same motel every night. Just stop and take your sleep break when the route passes your motel. The next morning, complete the loop abd start the next.

Ride With GPS Links

The 1,200k route, as four segments. Please note, except for the first segment, the segments start from the Ontario control. Where you start your day, is up to you!   

The 1,200k route has been approved as brevet 2783.

The 1,000k version is segments 1-3 of the 1,200k
As three segments. Please note, except for the first segment, the segments start from the Ontario control. Where you start your day, is up to you!

The 1,200k route has been approved as brevet 2785.

The combined 1,000k/1,200k cue sheet is available at:

400k and 600k brevets

The 400k brevet is Loop 1:

The 600k brevet is loop 1 followed by a slightly changed loop 4 to make the total distance 600k as two segments. Please note, except for the first segment, the segments start from the Ontario control. Where you start your day, is up to you!

Bag drop

As the route is a cloverleaf passing the motels periodically, there will be no bag drop.

There is light support planned. There will be at least one vehicle on the road. We'll be carrying common repair parts, tools snacks, water, etc. Parts will be available at cost. As our goal is to have as many finishers as possible, the support vehicle will be concentrating on those at the rear of the group.

Riders are expected to make their own arrangements for overnight lodging, meals, etc.

As we expect many riders will be leaving their motels during hours when all restaurants are closed, except for the start, we will have a quick breakfast available at the Ontario control. This control will be approximately 9 miles after the Webster control on all loops, except the start.

NOTE: If you are interested in riding this brevet, please contact the RBA!

Please put "WNY Waterfall 1,000/1,200k" someplace in the message subject so it will stand out.

If you don't hear back from me within a few days, please hit me again! Like most of us, I do have a day job, and occasionally get buried in e-mail.

If you're ready to register

If you are ready to register for this event, please go to: and fill out the form. I'll review your information, verify your RUSA membership and get back to you. If you don't hear back from me within a few days, please contact me at:!

Concurrent events

There will also be 400k, 600k and 1,000k options. These are all ACP sanctioned brevets. Roughly, the 400k is Loop1, the 600k is loop 1 and 4. The 1,000k is the the first 1,000k of the 1,200k route. This is designed to be the first three leaves of the "cloverleaf".

All brevets will start from the same place, at the same time.

Please note that this is an an early morning start.

The current planning is for a 4AM start. This may change +/- 1 hour.

Although this start time will put you at Niagara Falls when it is very busy with tourists, it is chosen to maximize sleeping during the night hours.

Risk of Cancellation

As of October 10, 2023, although things are returning to normal, we are stil in the COVID pandemic. Should there be a flare up, and New York State requires a halt to this sort of event, it will be cancelled. As always, there are other factors beyond our control that could lead to cancellation.


The Elephant in the Room.

All COVID related restrictions and recommendations, as well as the organizers COVID procedures will be strictly adhered to.

An violation will be subject to an immediate disqualification on the spot. A signature agreeing to this will be required at the ride start.

Any additional restrictions imposed by the organizer will be available when the ride fee is paid, and are subject to change as the situation changes.

1,200k Qualification

LOL ancien, or organizer's discretion based on rider's experience.

The RUSA results database will be checked when you submit a registration. If there are any questions after reviewing that, you'll receive an e-mail asking for more information. Otherwise, you'll receive an e-mail with congratulations on acceptance, and directions for paying the deposit.

Contact the RBA with any questions about qualification, or alternatives.

Ride fee

The ride fee will be estimated expenses divided among the riders. This will be fixed several weeks before the ride, and will be due at check in.

Current estimate, subject to change is about $125 - $150.

The ride fee for the 400k and 600k will be about half the 1,000k/1,200k fee.

A $50 non-refundable deposit will be required when your application has been pproved.

What the fee includes:

Rider Cap

There will be a rider cap. Exact cap will depend on volunteer availability, but we will make it as large as possible.

Previous editions have not been capped, we hope to continue the practice.

RUSA membership

Due to liability insurance requirements, current RUSA membership is required to participate.

Suggested Motels:

These three are located within a block of each other, the start, fast food, restaurants, etc:

Not far by car, but a bit of a bike ride off route on a busy road I prefer not to ride on during the day:

I'm told to avoid the Budget Inn in Ontario, and a couple other places near the Super 8 may be pitching a bit to low for comfort.

These brevets are run in the Western/Central New York RUSA region by Finger Lakes Randonneurs. Please contact the RBA for more information.

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