Randonneuring Links
List Servs

Rochester Bicycling Club Ultra Marathon Mail List - A list serving the Rochester and Finger Lakes region of New York.

DC Brevet Mailing List - A list serving randonneuring community for the Washington DC brevet series. Put SUSCRIBE DC_BREVET in the body of the email message.

Randonneuring Mailing List - A list serving randonneurs and other non-competitive ultra-cyclists.

Ultra-Cycling Mail List - A list serving ultra-cyclists both competitive and non.

Web Sites

Onondaga Cycling Club (OCC) - Cycling Club local to Central New York and centered around the Syracuse region.

Randonneurs USA (RUSA) - the United States governing body for randonneuring events. Sanctioned by the Audax Club Parisien.

Audax Club Parisien (ACP) - the International governing body for randonneuring events. ACP oversees all events except for those greater than 1000 km in length (PBP is under their jurisdiction).

Les Randonneurs Mondiaux (LRM) - LRM is another international sanctioning body for Brevets. The routes sanctioned by BRM are at least 1200km in length.

Ultra Marathon Cycling Association (UMCA) - A United States organization which supports long distance cycling and promotes the Race Across America. This site is a great source for information about nutrition and equipment for long distance enthusiasts.

QuadZilla - A killer ride around the Finger Lakes region. A great excuse to get out of mowing your lawn.

Berkshire MA Series - The CNY Series' closest neighbors. Don Podolski runs a wonderful, friendly series with great scenery.

Boston MA Series - This region services a large portion of the North East. Great Scenic rides of this historical region starting from the oldest city in the US.

New Jersey Series - A fun and well attended series just outside of the NY/NJ Metropolitian area.

DC Series - Gordon took over a great series. These rides are challenging, but extremely beautiful. See the Blue Ridge and eat Rt 11 chips.

Toronto Series - Wanna ride in Canada, eh? This is the closest series to the CNY region. Can't make one of our rides, try out one here. Of special interest to us CNYers is the brevet Around Lake Ontario 1000km.

Race Across AMerica (RAAM) - Brevets a little slow and short for you? Maybe you would like to test yourself in a 10 day journey across the US? OK, maybe you just want to see who would actually try this.

BikeCenturies.com - A web site cataloging a large number of century rides and brevets across the United States.