Permanent routes allow riders to participate in randonnées at a time of their choosing. Some distance cycling enthusiasts are unable to ride in their local brevet series due to family or work constraints, others would just like to ride more often. Because the day and time of a permanent ride are flexible it is possible to enjoy a route throughout the year in various conditions. Riders may even ride overnight if they choose, so they may train for night riding, or just to enjoy the beauty of a starry sky. RUSA members riding sanctioned permanents may use the mileage towards RUSA sponsored mileage awards, just as for brevets and populaires.


All participants must comply with the ACP brevet rider rules. Permanents are similar to brevets in that riders must begin the ride at a pre-arranged time, follow the route designated in the cues, and complete the route within the allotted time. Riders are completely unsupported and may not accept scheduled help along the route (i. e. no follow vehicles). The advantage to permanents is that riders may perform the event at any time the permanent is listed as available. Some individuals may make their permanents available year round. I limit rides to the milder months for safer riding. Be aware that the permanents may have secret controls and that all brevet rules must be followed. If a rider is found not following the rules the permanent will be disqualified.


Individuals who would like to participate in Jenn Barber's permanents should print and complete the registration form, including the waiver, and send the form along with the registration fee for the selected rides to the address shown on the form at least 1 week prior to the start date. The rider will receive confirmation through email, or by phone if no email is indicated, and will receive a web link to their rider information packet for the ride. The packet will include: rider instructions, the cue sheet and a control card. The ride fee covers insurance and mailing for the event.

Any one wishing to ride one of Pete Dusel's permanents should contact him in advance at pdusel(at) and make arrangements with him. Please allow at least one week prior to your desired start date.

Create Your Own

Anyone can design a permanent within their area. Prior to creating the route you should contact your local RBA and read the guidelines for route design and the Rules for Permanent Route Owners for an overview of permanents.