Organizers & Volunteers
Peter Dusel - As the Regional Brevet Administrator (RBA) for the Western/Central New York Region I oversee the organization of the brevet series and work with RUSA to be sure that our series meets the international criteria for randonneuring.

I have been riding brevets since 1994. In addition to attending PBP on four separate occasions, and having been awarded three R5000s, I've also completed BMB and the GRR (on tandem). I am also a member of, and ride many events with the Randonneurs Ontario. My goal is to have a fun and well run series that riders enjoy coming back to year after year.

Jennifer Barber - Jenn has been riding with the Onondaga Cycling Club since 1998 and started distance cycling in 2001. Jenn volunteers extensively within the cycling community, and has found the comraderie of distance events most enjoyable.

Jenn is currently taking a well deserved sabbatical from being the Central New York RBA, but continues to assist with running the brevet series.


Bill & Densie Barber
Karen Frank
David Dilliplane
Michelle Dulieu
Bill Lodico
Bob Marcellus
Mike Seager
Bill Stiteler
Mark Sheehan
Christina Sutcliffe
Paul Swinburne
Mary Thomas
Dan Voutsinas
Carl Weissgerber
Penny Weissgerber
Tracey Weissgerber